Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's Been A While

I am sorry I have neglected my blog for so long, it has been a crazy month. Here is a review of everything that happened, I'll try to make it quick.
Chandler turned 1 year old!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHANDLER!
Chandler is my sisters little boy. He and Brandon are good buddies.

My Niece Violet had a baby shower, in Idaho over Thanksgiving break, then on Dec. 4th she had a beautiful little girl named Alexis. She was a tiny 5 Lbs 14 0z., and 19 inches long. She was premature, but she is home and healthy now! Congrats Violet and Ryan!

I love the picture of Alexis' older brother Cooper holding her hand, so sweet. Cooper is ten months older than Alexis, to the day!She is so beautiful!

We celebrated Thanksgiving in Idaho.

Brandon was able to play lots with his cousins, especially Cooper, although I do not think Cooper had a great time playing with Brandon, Brandon is a bully (we are working on that) he kept trying to climb on Cooper so that he could get out of the playpen. Brandon's favorite part of our trip to Idaho was having lots of time with his grandparents and playing their new piano (it makes car noises).

Last Month we payed off our Mazda, and then Jared got a raise, we were feeling pretty good about our finances, and then the car problems started. The battery in the Honda had a short in it and would not start so we had to have that replaced, while there I asked to have my tires rotated for winter, and they informed me that they were too bald to even pass inspection, so we bought four new tires. Then Jared got pulled over because he had a headlight out in the Mazda (fortunately he got just a warning) so the next day Jared replaced the light and then the other light went out, the lights are impossible to replace, so we took it to get it lubed, tires rotated, and the light fixed. While there they told us no way would they fix the light for us because they do not do electrical work, and the tires were too bald to rotate, (again) and the transmission fluid was looking bad, so we needed to take it in to get that fixed as well. So we took the car to the Mazda dealership to get the lights fixed, put four new tires on the car, and then took it to a transmission shop here in Heber to get the transmission fixed. We had already poured so much money into both of our cars, that we were not prepared for them to tell us the the transmission problem was going to cost us $2,700. But once again Heavenly Father blesses us when we pray, fast, and pay our tithing! Our extended warranty decided to cover the cost in full, and my parents have chipped in a considerable amount of money as well to help out! What an amazing blessing!!!! Time and time again my testimony of tithing is strengthened! Heavenly Father truly has blessed us beyond what we could have imagined. And a big thanks to my parents as well!!!

That was the biggest time restraint this month. But there were a few other fun things, That kept me from my blog,here they are:

Swiss Christmas with Natalie, Scott, and Chandler. The Creche display in Midway is amazing, I plan on visiting it every year from now on. They had a manger scene carved into a match that you could only see with a magnifying glass, as well as thousands of international manger scenes. We also went to the Gingerbread display which was pretty amazing in its own fun way.

Swiss Christmas with my piano students. We had a lot of fun performing , (they did a wonderful job) for the Swiss Christmas boutique display, even though some of the guests were quiet rude. (thanks Jared for defending us!)

One of my favorite parts of the season is decorating!! I love it! I especially like the lights on the tree, garlands, and houses. This year I managed to put the lights on our house all by myself, it was terrifying being on top of the roof, particularly when I knew no one knew I was up there, and I was wearing slip on shoes. (not my smartest moment) I am however very happy to say that they look very good, and next year I will enlist Jared's help, and not try to surprise him. :)

Well now I am caught up, however with another busy month ahead who knows how on top of things I will be. I will try to be better, but I make no promises!

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Camille Hill said...

Thanks for the update - I was beginning to get worried about you :). Post some pictures of your cute decorated house! Hats off to you for putting up the lights on your house - what a woman!