Friday, December 19, 2008

History Repeats Itself

Last night we had our Osborn Family Christmas Party. It was so much fun to see family again, and to enjoy good food, and each others company. Following dinner we had a little program which began with my Grandma and I doing an organ and piano duet. It was really neat to be able to practice with my Grandma and spend a little time with her, she is a remarkable woman! Here is a lady who is approaching her 90th year of age and is more "hip" than I am. She drives well, plays the piano and organ very well, still runs her own real estate agency, is physically active and healthy, and can still remember her many grandchildren, and great-grand children's names.

They say history repeats itself, which is why we are supposed to learn from our past. So I feel very fortunate to have a grandma, who remembers the past and is willing to give counsel and teach us, so that we can be prepared and protected from what the future holds. She has lived much of our countries history. She remembers well the Great Depression, World War II and she has learned valuable lessons from her experience. Last night following the duet she shared with us her insights and wisdom, it was nothing that we have not heard before, but it was a great reminder, so I thought I would share some of her thoughts with you.

1. Pray like Joseph Smith did, pray for your own answers for truth rather than relying on others answers.

2. Pray frequently so that you will be more in tune to prompting, and personal revelation from Heavenly Father.
3. Stay out of Debt! Especially credit card debt. Pay off debts as soon as you can.

4. Start and build up your food storage, and saving for a rainy day.

I am so grateful for her wisdom in this ever changing world, especially when we all seem to be facing some challenges of one kind or another. I appreciate her concern for me, just one of her many grandchildren. Hopefully I will be better resolved to make necessary changes, so that I can live a long, healthy, and happy life, like she has and is.

Following her comments we enjoyed more entertainment from the rest of the family, and then we had two special visitors! Mr. and Mrs. Clause. I was well aware of their plans to visit so I have been trying to prep Brandon so that he would not be afraid by showing him many pictures of Santa and saying Ho Ho Ho, and smiling and being overly cheerful. Brandon seemed to catch on and every time he saw a picture of Santa he would say Ho Ho Ho as well, it is very cute! Well all of my efforts were for nothing! His emotions went from shock and curiosity, to fear, and finally to complete lack of interest. Oh well, maybe next year. :)
Ah the kids table!You gotta love Grandpa Ron's solution to my escape artist. :) Part of the Osborn Family, a good looking group!Some of the great performers for our little program.Uncle Dwight playing Jingle Bells to usher in Santa, and Mrs Claus. Here is Brandon's priceless expression when he saw Santa.
At least Brandon would get close enough to Mrs. Claus to get a fun stocking from her.

That is the best picture we could get of him with Santa.
His favorite part of the evening was the big punch ball that came in the stocking.
At least Brandon was not the only one who would not cooperate. Chandler was not to sure about the Santa thing either. :)


Alicia said...

Oh, I am sorry that Brandon wasn't very interested in Santa...I guess it is nice that he didn't freak out like most kids!? :) It looks like you had such a fun party!!!

Jeremy and Heidi said...

Your family has some fun traditions! Looks like a great party!