Friday, January 30, 2009


Brandon has learned the word car to proficiency. It is his favorite subject, frequently the only subject. I love watching him say car, he turns both his upper, and lower lip in, and purses his cheeks like a fish when he says it, but what really makes me laugh is that he always says it like a question, Car? So I tried to video tape him saying it, but he started saying it the right way. GRR.

Last weekend Jared and I were at Walmart and Jared succumbed and bought him the Cars movie. Brandon was elated! He carried it all around the store and then when we got home he ran around the house laughing while holding it, He could care less about actually watching it but he loves holding it.
For Christmas my mom gave him this car race track. When you put a car (or any other object) on the track it races around in a figure eight. Brandon of course thinks it is the greatest thing.

Needless to say, Brandon loves cars, and anything relating to cars, and we, I am sorry to say, are feeding his little love affair. Current items in Brandon's car collection include : car sippy cup, car, shirt, sweater, and pants, car movie, three toy cars, two toy firetrucks, car race track, with two other cars, his very own real car keys, and a car calendar.


lpettey said...

My nephews love cars. We have the movie, sippy cups, and for Christmas they got that car set you have. They love it.

Alana's Blog said...

arent little boys great! we also are going through a love affair with cars...and cant help but indulge him with it. And balls! the bigger the better! silly boys! Looks like brandon and riley would get along great!

Jen said...

He and Max would be great friends!

Erin said...

Good for you...a boy can't have too many cars. That is so cute.

j and k said...

Wow he looks SO old! How time has flown. WHat a cute little guy-in a perfect family!