Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Winter at the Cabin

After a very fun New Years Eve party at Jodi's house, and a very enjoyable birthday breakfast the next day for Jodi (yes she is a new years baby (how about that I have a sister born on Christmas day, and a sister-in-law born on New Years day)), we drove up to the cabin in Island Park. I love going to the cabin even if it is a lot of work. Eight years ago on the 5th of January Jared proposed to me right here. I love being able to return in the winter and reminisce. Jared and I had a good time going on a very quick snowmobile ride to visit this spot. It was much the same as it was eight years ago, bright blue skies, freshly fallen snow, swans swimming in the nearly frozen lake, and the sun shining. It was however much more cold, it was bitter, which is why we did not stay out for long.If you look closely you can see Jared on the snowmobile.Brandon enjoyed his first snowmobile ride with his dad very much! I think he looks so cute all bundled up in his snow suit.Maggie even enjoys playing in the snow, she races around faster then I would have thought possible.Maggie enjoys chasing all of the snowballs that Jared throws for her.
You can barely see the cabin hiding behind the tall snow bank. It makes for a great hill for my cute nieces to sled down.Brandon is still uncertain about the snow, as long as he does not have to touch it he is fine, and if he is on a machine that says vroom, he is great, just like his daddy!One of the things I love about the cabin is that it means I can be lazy, and disgusting, which is why this is the only picture of me and I hesitate even posting this, but I do love playing in the snow with my family!


Julie Osborn said...

I love your pictures, they're beautiful! Brandson is adorable.

Rebecca said...

That looks so fun! I'm so sad we couldn't get together on Monday! Are you guys coming up here ever?

Michelle said...

Who know? I hope so, soon!