Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas Day

There is something to the song "I'll Be Home for Christmas". I was so happy to be able to spend Christmas morning in our own home with our Christmas tree and decorations. It was so fun to wake Brandon up and walk him out to the tree and see his face. He walked right to Jared's "Santa Chair" and grabbed one of his presents. Then we showed him his own "Santa Chair" (an entire love seat). He loved opening the presents. For Christmas Jared and I got a video recorder so most of our Christmas memories are in movie format, rather than picture format, so I am sorry, but this is all you get. After a very fun morning we drove through a blizzard to spend the remainder of the day with my family. I love the crazy atmosphere of a large family, in a cozy living room, especially now with two toddlers. Brandon and Chandler were spoiled! My family got a wii for Christmas so we spent much of the day taking turns playing games.Every year after the morning Christmas rush we go to Grandma Johnson's for lunch. It is so fun to see all of our family, and this year it was a special treat because everyone was there, including my cousin Andrew who is serving in the Navy, it was such a surprise to see him walk in. I love this picture of Brandon with his aunt Lindsey, I just wish is was not so fuzzy. She is such a cute aunt to her two nephews.We were finally able to get a picture of the oldest Johnson girls with their babies. Jennifer is the oldest, and she has Logan who will be a year very soon, then there is me with Brandon who is 15 months, then Carolyn with Cassandra who is nine months, then my sister Natalie with Chandler who is 13 months.
We had such a wonderful year celebrating the holidays with each other, and with our family!

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