Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing - Growing - Gone

I can not believe how quickly Brandon is growing up - I know everyone says that - it must mean because it is true that they grow up way too fast! Brandon is now eighteen months old! A few weeks ago Jared mentioned that in only 14 and a half years Brandon would be driving - it took me back a little, 14 is a lot less then 16 WOW it is going so fast! He is growing growing and pretty soon he will be gone - what an ugly thought! So to make sure I remember as best as I can I thought I would journal the things he is up to at 18 months.

Brandon is learning many new words like; car, truck (t t t cruck), ball, bottle, dog (ogogog), cat (tat), Nicole (cole), McKell (Kell), mom, dad, hi, yuck, duck, book (ook), and Pooh for Winni the Pooh.

Brandon has learned a few signs like; car, eat, more, all done, boat, book, football, and baseball.

Brandon can climb, run, and get around to just about anywhere.

Brandon's favorite things include; cars, trucks, balls, dogs, cats, books, family, and people - he is very social.

Brandon started nursery - a great day for our whole family! He adjusted very well - never looking back to see if mom and dad were still there - he just didn't care, he was having too much fun!

Brandon is almost always fun to have around. He loves to fold his arms for prayers. (consequently we say a lot of prayers at random times of the day) He give knuckles to just about anyone. It is really cute when you are clear across the room, you stick out your fist and say "Rock It" Brandon will then stick out his fist and stretch as far as he can to give you knuckles, then he walks while still stretching to reach you, it is so cute! Brandon also likes to "put up his dukes" and show us his muscles. Brandon also give high fives, and he will shake your hand. But my favorite two things that Brandon does is when he gives "nice luvs" and "uhmuhs" (kisses) He gives tight squeezes, and very wet kisses, I love it!

I am so happy to have Brandon, and to be able to stay home with him and watch him learn at his own pace. I just wish it would slow down just a little, and I wish the pictures captured him a little better.


j and k said...

I can't believe how old he looks! he's darling! It's true...it goes way too fast!

Alana's Blog said...

I know how you feel! I wish he would just slow down and stay little a bit longer!

Cas n John said...

wow I just can not believe he is that old already. I remember when you had him almost like it was yesterday. I wish I could be there to watch him grow up. :( I miss you and can't wait to see you!