Friday, March 20, 2009

It Budged

I am sure that you have all seen the Winnie the Pooh movie. Well I just watched it today with Brandon. Do you remember the part when Pooh is stuck in Rabbits front door, and finally after day's of being stuck there he budges, Rabbit is so excited, he hops around saying he budged he budged. Well today I walked outside with Brandon to get the mail, and on the walk back guess what I saw?

There in the dirt was a little flower that budged! YEAH! While today might official be the first day of spring, I know we are getting another snow storm, but until then, it budged, and it promises spring will be here very soon! YEAH!!


Stamm family said...

k you take some of the most amazing photography! That picture is Gorgeous!

Jason and Tawni said...

How do you manage to notice these amazing little things? I totally would have stepped on that poor flower and ruined it! I am just getting caught up on your blog after being a slacker for the past few weeks. I love your posts, they are always so interesting and fun!