Monday, March 16, 2009

A busy and very fun day!

My mom came up for a visit and brought chandler with her. The weather was wonderful so we let Chandler and Brandon play in the back yard.
They had a wonderful time pushing each other on the bike.
Playing with the basketballs.
Riding in the wagon.
And "sharing" over the lawn mower.
I love the friendship these two have with each other!
After playing in the back yard we drove to Dairy Keen, our favorite fast food restaurant here in Heber so that I could meet up with my friend Melissa, and her three little boys. I love that my mom's van has built in car seats, and they can sit right next to each other and play. So cool!!
Dairy Keen is the famous train restaurant, and there are plenty of trains everywhere. I love that the people who take your order are wearing conductors hats. I love that there is a large train track with a train always going around the building. I love the food!!! Their shakes are wonderful! I love the kids corner with the Thomas the Tank Engine track, and the Lego table with trains. In addition to these fun things they also have a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train, a train going around the top of the tower outside, a train to ride outside, and a train to sit in while you eat. They also have train tracks for the drive through, and a train dumpster - they go all out with the train theme - I love it! We found a table right next to the kids corner and all the boys had a great time playing. I was however really sad about this little girl probably 5 or 6 who would not share anything with the other kids, and when Brandon looked at her (I am not kidding that is all he did) she kicked him, twice! How rude! that incident aside we had a really good time.
The boys loved riding in this train. I think Chandler's cheese smile is terrific!It was so fun to see Melissa again and catch up. After lunch we came back to my house to visit, all the boys went back into the back yard and had a great time digging in the dirt, and exploring. It is times like these when I wish Brandon had an older brother to play with and make messes with, He had such a great day! Thanks Melissa for the fun visit!!!!!


Julie Osborn said...

That was a fun day to share together with you and my adorable grandsons! I love you!

Stamm family said...

I am so bummed I didnt get to be there! Our little boys sure look adorable in those pics! Thanks for taking so many so I can see what goes on when I dont get to be with him. Oh and what a mean little girl. haha