Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Growing - Growing - Gone

I can not believe how quickly Brandon is growing up - I know everyone says that - it must mean because it is true that they grow up way too fast! Brandon is now eighteen months old! A few weeks ago Jared mentioned that in only 14 and a half years Brandon would be driving - it took me back a little, 14 is a lot less then 16 WOW it is going so fast! He is growing growing and pretty soon he will be gone - what an ugly thought! So to make sure I remember as best as I can I thought I would journal the things he is up to at 18 months.

Brandon is learning many new words like; car, truck (t t t cruck), ball, bottle, dog (ogogog), cat (tat), Nicole (cole), McKell (Kell), mom, dad, hi, yuck, duck, book (ook), and Pooh for Winni the Pooh.

Brandon has learned a few signs like; car, eat, more, all done, boat, book, football, and baseball.

Brandon can climb, run, and get around to just about anywhere.

Brandon's favorite things include; cars, trucks, balls, dogs, cats, books, family, and people - he is very social.

Brandon started nursery - a great day for our whole family! He adjusted very well - never looking back to see if mom and dad were still there - he just didn't care, he was having too much fun!

Brandon is almost always fun to have around. He loves to fold his arms for prayers. (consequently we say a lot of prayers at random times of the day) He give knuckles to just about anyone. It is really cute when you are clear across the room, you stick out your fist and say "Rock It" Brandon will then stick out his fist and stretch as far as he can to give you knuckles, then he walks while still stretching to reach you, it is so cute! Brandon also likes to "put up his dukes" and show us his muscles. Brandon also give high fives, and he will shake your hand. But my favorite two things that Brandon does is when he gives "nice luvs" and "uhmuhs" (kisses) He gives tight squeezes, and very wet kisses, I love it!

I am so happy to have Brandon, and to be able to stay home with him and watch him learn at his own pace. I just wish it would slow down just a little, and I wish the pictures captured him a little better.

Friday, March 20, 2009

It Budged

I am sure that you have all seen the Winnie the Pooh movie. Well I just watched it today with Brandon. Do you remember the part when Pooh is stuck in Rabbits front door, and finally after day's of being stuck there he budges, Rabbit is so excited, he hops around saying he budged he budged. Well today I walked outside with Brandon to get the mail, and on the walk back guess what I saw?

There in the dirt was a little flower that budged! YEAH! While today might official be the first day of spring, I know we are getting another snow storm, but until then, it budged, and it promises spring will be here very soon! YEAH!!

Saturday in the Park I think it was the ........

Last Saturday Jared, Brandon and I met up with Justin, Allison, and Jack for lunch at Training Table, a trip to the Living Planet Aquarium, a special treat from 7-11, and some play time at the park nearby. We had a great time!The Aquarium is great in that nearly all of the windows are level with little children, and if not there are ledges for them to climb on so they can get up close. The boys loved watching the fish, especially Jack - WOW did he love those fish! :)My personal favorite is the lion fish - they are so cool looking!The Aquarium also has a coral reef for the kids to crawl around and under - once the boys figured it out they really enjoyed it!The Aquarium just open up their South American exhibit which is a favorite for Jared because it is where he served his mission. We saw, piranha, Cayman alligators, an anaconda, and four eyed fish.I have been wanting to go to a park for some time now but every time we try the park is muddy, or still covered in snow. This was a great day for playing in the park, and the boys are at a great age for climbing and exploring. I love Jacks big grin as he is coming down the slide! My little cheese. :)
Love Jack's face. :)
Brandon saw Allison sitting on the bench and felt he needed to join her. I should also mention that Allison is expecting her third in June, does she look pregnant to you? Why can't I look like that when I get pregnant? We had such a fun day with the Keller's and can't wait to do it again!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Brandon's new favorite thing to do is wear Jared's or my shoes! I love it!

Monday, March 16, 2009

A busy and very fun day!

My mom came up for a visit and brought chandler with her. The weather was wonderful so we let Chandler and Brandon play in the back yard.
They had a wonderful time pushing each other on the bike.
Playing with the basketballs.
Riding in the wagon.
And "sharing" over the lawn mower.
I love the friendship these two have with each other!
After playing in the back yard we drove to Dairy Keen, our favorite fast food restaurant here in Heber so that I could meet up with my friend Melissa, and her three little boys. I love that my mom's van has built in car seats, and they can sit right next to each other and play. So cool!!
Dairy Keen is the famous train restaurant, and there are plenty of trains everywhere. I love that the people who take your order are wearing conductors hats. I love that there is a large train track with a train always going around the building. I love the food!!! Their shakes are wonderful! I love the kids corner with the Thomas the Tank Engine track, and the Lego table with trains. In addition to these fun things they also have a Harry Potter Hogwarts Express train, a train going around the top of the tower outside, a train to ride outside, and a train to sit in while you eat. They also have train tracks for the drive through, and a train dumpster - they go all out with the train theme - I love it! We found a table right next to the kids corner and all the boys had a great time playing. I was however really sad about this little girl probably 5 or 6 who would not share anything with the other kids, and when Brandon looked at her (I am not kidding that is all he did) she kicked him, twice! How rude! that incident aside we had a really good time.
The boys loved riding in this train. I think Chandler's cheese smile is terrific!It was so fun to see Melissa again and catch up. After lunch we came back to my house to visit, all the boys went back into the back yard and had a great time digging in the dirt, and exploring. It is times like these when I wish Brandon had an older brother to play with and make messes with, He had such a great day! Thanks Melissa for the fun visit!!!!!

Like Father Like Son

A few nights ago while I was trying to prepare my primary lesson Jared took Brandon into his room to play. After a lot of playing Jared grabbed his book and sat in the rocking chair to read while Brandon continued to play. It did not take long for Brandon to catch on and climb into his rocking chair with a book and start to read as well. Just like his daddy. :)

Music Group

The music group that we started is going very well! Brandon, McKell, and Nicole are picking up on the songs, games, and a few of the signs. Mostly they are enjoying the time they get to spend with each other, and the mom's are enjoying our time together as well. This month the theme is rainbows. I love colors so this has been a very fun theme. If you want to see what we are doing in more details we have a blog for the group http://littlefriendsmusicgroup.blogspot.com I love how determined Brandon is to feed McKell, and she wants nothing to do with it. The kids love hidding under the color scarfs and playing peek a boo!

Having Fun With Chandler

A few weeks ago we went down to my mom's house to play with cousin Chandler, and aunt Linsdey. It was a fun day!I love dressing the boys up so they match. :)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Elder L. Tom Perry - The Message of the Restoration

I know that the message shared in this video is true! I am so grateful for the restoration of the gospel!

Jesus Christ - The bread of life - Mormon message on the Attonement

This is a beautiful video of the life, teachings, and attonment of Jesus Christ. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior, and the Bread of Life.

Sunday Videos

Each Sunday I intend to start posting a video from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The church produces beautiful, and uplifting videos, which teach us wonderful truths of the restoration of the gospel. I hope that you enjoy the videos and that they strengthen your testimonies, as they strengthen mine. I know that what the videos teach are true!