Thursday, November 1, 2012

Lindsey's Birthday

My sister Lindsey had her 15th birthday, so I made her a gorilla cake.  I love how this cake turned out, so much better than the cake I made for Brandon's birthday. 

 Lindsey loves gorillas so she was thrilled with her cake. :)
 I adore the relationship my boys have with their grandpa.  Love their darling smiles!
 Love my grandma and grandpa. :)
 Funny dad :)
 Grant thinks uncle Scott's remote control truck is the greatest thing.  Scott is great to bring out at every family gathering.  The boys just love it.
Making a tunnel for the truck. :)

His expression is priceless. :)  When was the last time you got this excited about something so simple? :D

Happy Birthday Lindsey!  You are a terrific sister!  So talented at soccer and piano.  A darling aunt, and wonderful sister.  We love you!

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Jen said...

That cake is amazing!!! Nice job! What a cute sister/aunt!