Friday, November 30, 2012

Visiting Daddy's Office

After Brandon's Halloween parade we took Jared back to his office and decided to hang out at the office for a little while.  The boys made copies of their hands and faces, brought back good memories, and then Jared showed them an empty office, just a desk and chairs and the boys had a great time pretending to work.
The following video is Brandon pretending to be Jared, he asked Jared what to do, Jared told him to ask questions, and this is what happened.  Jared and I were laughing so hard, it was very hard to hold back.  Hopefully you can hear the video, if not, the gist of the conversation is;
B - what can I help you with
G - trains
B - okay, Thomas or James
G - Thomas
B - got it, is this your hand
G - yes
B - okay, got it
Love my funny boys!!


Aspen said...

Hilarious Michelle!!

Shaylee K said...

HILARIOUS! That is priceless :) haha so funny! Little kids are so cute!

Allison said...

Love when Brandon says, "Okay, got it." He sounds so grown up. They are adorable!

P.S. Looking forward to your Hawaii post!!