Monday, December 31, 2012

Hawaii Day 10

Wednesday was a busy day for us.  We went with Dave and Jill exploring, just to see what we might find.  We found this 52 foot Kilauea Lighthouse first, I love lighthouses!
 Then we happened upon this beautiful beach, which we latter found out was Anini beach. 
 It was a beautiful white sandy beach, very quiet!

 Then we stumbled upon a rice plantation.  I have never seen one, it was beautiful, especially with the towering mountains for a back drop.
 After our exploring adventures, we went to our zip line tour.  We decided to spend the extra money on the Zip and Dip adventure.  It was a lot of fun, though not as exciting as we had hoped it would be.  It was fun to travel over several zip lines and see the beautiful landscape.  But I must admit I was hoping for a thrill, and the ramps that we jumped off were a little too mellow.

Dave sporting his fancy GoPro camera - can't wait to see the videos ;) hint, hint.

This bridge was a bit of an adventure, very wobbly.


Mid way through the tour we were able to stop at this little pool for a swim and some lunch.  You had to jump into the pool from above the waterfall which was a bit scary, but fun, and the water was refreshingly freezing. :)
 The last zip is the King Kong zip, you had to climb this ramp to the top, and then you could jump holding hands for a 1200 foot zip.  That was definitely the most fun of all of the zips.

 It was a very fun day.  Made even more fun, because in the nearly 12 years of marriage Jared and I have never really done anything with Dave and Jill, just the two couples.  It was a lot of fun to spend a full day, hanging out with them getting to know them better, and creating great memories.
On our way home Jared and Jill bought coconut drinks. :)  Super Fun Day!!!

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