Monday, December 31, 2012

Hawaii Day 7

Our last full day in Oahu, we went as a family to Pearl Harbor.  This was another thing I was greatly looking forward too.  I was however surprised by how small, simple and unassuming it was.  Nonetheless it was beautiful.

 It was incredible to see the actually Arizona so close to the surface, it was sad to think so many died when they were so close to air and life.

 I was especially touched by the flag that was attached to the original mast of the Arizona.
 I was also surprised to see that oil is still leaking out of the Arizona and will be for a few more years.

 After Pearl Harbor we went to Hanama Bay to snorkel.  Hanama Bay has changed.  Jared was so excited to snorkel there because he enjoyed it so much, however because it was so popular , there is now a fee to get in and lots of rules.  Have of our group opted out the rest of us stayed with high hopes.  But the weather and timing did not cooperate and it wasn't the great opportunity we were hoping for, we did see a few big fish and large school of fish, but we were only there for an hour.

The following day was our last day on Oahu.  Before heading to the airport for our flight to Kauai we stopped by Leonard's, a Portuguese Donut Shop.  It is an icon in Oahu, and so yummy.  Then we did a quick drive by King Kameamea's statue and spent the rest of the day traveling to Kauai.

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