Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Hawaii Day 3

On Tuesday morning we went to the Honolulu zoo.  Jared and I have begun and continued a vacation tradition, that anywhere we go we will always visit the local zoo and temple.  We do love animals and Jared loves zoos.  While I think we may be getting a little weary of zoos, we did nevertheless really enjoy this zoo, for the plants as well as for the animals. 

These trees are amazing, they look like someone took watercolor paints to the bark, it is really very pretty.
 Being at the zoo made us miss our boys a lot, Brandon especially because of all the animals.  We saw a Nile crocodile, American alligator, and three Gharials.
 After the zoo we made our way inland to the Dole pineapple plantation.  Jared chose to have a pineapple float; pineapple ice cream floating in pineapple juice.  It was a bit of a pineapple overload. :)
 I had a pineapple ice cream cone; delightful and so refreshing. I loved it!!
 While we were there we were caught in a rain storm.  Naturally, it wouldn't be a vacation for us if we did not get caught in a rainstorm, we just have great luck in that way.  But with rain come rainbows, beautiful!
 I also love this flower picture with the little rain drops on the petals. :)

 The tree that Jared is standing next to is nick named a walking tree, because it literally does walk.  Over time the roots that grow down will grow nearer to the water, while the roots farthest from the water over time will die off; so after a few years the tree will be a few feet away from where is previously was.  How cool is that. :)

I love the bird of paradise flowers - they are so unusual.After the visit to the Dole plantation we were looking for a fun place to eat lunch and drove past a shrimp truck that was selling Brazilian food.  We were both thrilled, it was delicious and so fun. :)
That night we made our way to the temple for a session and sealing.  I love visiting the temple and being able to do temple work all over the world.  I find that it is most often the best way for us to get to know and meet the locals, and the peace in the temple offers a great reprieve from the rush of vacationing.
Following the temple we went to the theater to see the new Bond movie. I actually enjoyed it, much to Jared's relief. :)

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