Sunday, July 19, 2015

California/Thanksgiving Vacation - Day 1 - Sea World

This year Thanksgiving was with the Bowman side of the family, so we packed up for another vacation to Southern California.  Our first day we visited Sea World with Wyn and Dee Ann, a favorite place for all of us. The boys loved being able to touch bamboo sharks and many other animals. 

 Trent's favorite animal was probably the beluga whale, they are always moving, easy to see and big, perfect for little ones, but that doesn't mean we don't all love them, they are amazing.
 It was really interesting, and weird to be there in the "winter", everything was decorated for Christmas and they even had a place with snow for kids to play in, which made us laugh a bit, and I also felt a bit sorry for the kids who never see real snow to play in.
 The dolphin show is always lots of fun but it was even more fun to watch it through Trent's eyes.

 We love dolphins!!
 Of course Brandon was happiest when we finally made it to the shark area.

 All of those darling Bowman boys!

 When we went to Sea World this past May Brandon found a shark that he fell in love with and really wanted.  We told him we would be back in November and he could save up is money to get one then.  Well he worked really hard doing chores, reading, and extra homework so that he could earn it.  He earned $25.00.  Unfortunately they no longer had the shark that he had been saving his money for, so instead he picked out a stuffed Black Tip Reef Shark, which he was very happy with.  I think best of all was how proud he was to have earned it all on his own!
 Grant seems to love the turtles the best - I think they are one of my favorites too, however Grant will always say sharks are his favorite because they are Brandon's favorite.
 Grant also worked hard earning money so that he could buy himself a souvenir, but he waited until we went to San Diego's Old Town where we always go for dinner after Sea World and they have a really fun toy store.  Grant picked out two puzzles, a Thomas the Train puzzle and a Frozen puzzle.  He was also very pleased with his choices and being able to buy his own toys.

 We ended the night with the Shamu show which for me was the highlight.  I was very impressed that Sea World was not worried about being politically correct and went ahead and put on a show that focused on the birth of the Savior and the birth of Orcas, they did it to the music, "Believe" from the animated movie Prince of Egypt, I LOVE that music!  The whole show was beautiful and true to form I got emotional about it!

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