Sunday, July 5, 2015

More October Adventures

One last outing to the Provo River - I love watching these kids run free in the fields and by the river.  I am so grateful that I live in a small country town!

 We had a wonderful General Conference weekend.  Wyn and Dee Ann came into town and spent the weekend with us, which enabled us to celebrate Wyns 71st birthday with him.  We also enjoyed a beautiful scenic drive through Guardsmans  Pass where we were able to see a moose.  We also enjoyed a birthday celebration for Lindsey.  I love watching conference with my family.  I love the enthusiasm my children have for conference, they love our very simple traditions.  We have the same yummy breakfast each day - baked oatmeal.  We play bingo while listening to the talks and as soon as someone gets a bingo we get to open a present usually a quiet activity from around the house that the kids are not often allowed to play with.  It is simple, easy and so much fun, and best of all the kids love it and look forward to it.

 Grandpa Ron Johnson with my baby Trent Ronald - these two have a very cute little bond.  I love seeing my Grandpa light up when he sees his "T.R." and I really love that he has given him this nick name!

 Enjoying every remaining warm fall day for as long as we can.

 Crazy hair day at school is very challenging when you have a boy with very short and dark hair, but Brandon was sure pleased with his dragon hair do. :) Yay for paint!

Oh how precious is this boy!  I will desperately miss being able to see my children sleeping soundly.  It is so wonderful to see them grow up and learn and progress through life, but it is also so hard, no matter how much a try to savor the moment or how many pictures I take I can't stop or freeze time and it wont stop me from missing it when it is gone! 
 Cute Pete was "helping" Trent to climb to a standing position, I am so impressed with Pete's patience with Trent!

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