Sunday, July 5, 2015

Some September Extras

Even though summer had come to an end and school had started we still took every chance we could to go on our nature walks at the Provo River, I love living so close to such beauty!

 Grant started preschool with Ms Karen.  We LOVE her.  I am so grateful for a good friend who had the wisdom to suggest her for my kids preschool.  Karen teaches from her home and so there isn't the big fancy school, with lots of extras like Spanish dual immersion, art, dance, karate, and science extras, but she brings love and devotion that means infinitely more.  Both of my boys have gone to her for preschool and have loved and adored her, she makes them feel so special and like they are her absolute favorite children.  Oh I am so grateful for her!!!! I wish she could teach my kids all through elementary!
 Trent learned to crawl!  This is always an exciting milestone and one that we waited for for a long time.  He acted ready in July and we thought he might crawl before we moved, then we were sure he would learn to crawl while we were living in the Boudwins apartment, but it wasn't until we were in our new house for a few weeks that he finally managed it.  And now he can happily get around and get into more trouble. :)
 He "helped" me clean the windows, right after I got them cleaned on one side he finished up by licking them for a little "extra shine" :)
 Pete and Annabelle are less then enthusiastic about children, but they don't seem to mind Trent - probably because he is still not a threat, but I am always a bit amazed when they let him climb on them and pull their hair.

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