Wednesday, April 23, 2008

We love visitors!!!

Last weekend was so much fun because we had some great visitors, and when you live far away from family and friends it is a rare treat. My mom surprised me by bringing my grandma up for a visit with her. I love my mom and grandma, with all their quirks. The 3 of us are all very particular about how things are to be done. For example, my mom loaded my dishwasher for me, (Thanks mom!) then my grandma felt she had a better way of loading it so she fixed it, and I of course had an even better way of loading the dishwasher so I rearrange the dishes. Which makes me wonder, how do you load your dishwasher?Our other visitor was for Maggie. My next door neighbor just got a little dog, named Taz. He is full of energy, like Maggie, and my neighbor works so I offered to have Taz come over for a puppy play date. For nearly 3 hours these two dogs raced around the house and yard, it was a lot of fun and the best part was that Maggie was mellow the rest of the day

That night my sister Natalie, her husband Scott, and baby Chandler came over for a BBQ and to play games it was so much fun! By the way, if you are every looking for a new fun board game, Ticket to Ride is one of our new favorites! Or better yet, come for a visit, and we will play it with you!


Jen said...

I have total OCD about my dishwasher, and no one else loads it right. I have to separate all of my forks, spoons, knives, all of my plates have to face the same way and be grouped according to size. It's crazy. Also, I second the ticket to ride. We really like it too! Let's play it together some time!

JMBMbowman said...

It sounds like we load the dishwasher the same way, funny! Yeah for being OCD. :)