Thursday, April 3, 2008

Little Miss Magnolia aka Maggie

I think that I am pretty lucky, because not a day goes by when I don't laugh, because of my dog. Maggie is hilarious!! Maggie has more personality than any other animal I have ever met. She is never one to miss a party, no matter how tired she is, but really I don't think she ever gets tired. She would play tug, chase, fetch, keep away, and any other game you can think of for hours.
Some of her favorite toys include a stuffed westie (intended to satisfy Jared before he could get a real westie, Maggie made it hers on day one) which we lovingly refer to as "Friend". Friend helped us litter box train Maggie, and helped us crate train Maggie. To my amazement Friend has survived hours of tug and wrestling (thanks to Gund for making a quality product).Maggie also thinks that empty milk jugs are the greatest. She will chase them around the house crashing into everything (unfazed), and chew on them for hours, they are a very noisy , but fun toy.Empty peanut butter jars are also a favorite, for obvious reasons. they have proven to be a great tool for keeping her busy so that I can teach piano lessons in peace.

Some of Maggie other favorite things include, squirrel (which is in terrible shape, not worthy of a picture), ball, walks, and baths (yes she really does like them, she even gets jealous when I am giving Brandon a bath). She loves barking at cats, dogs, children, and anything that passes our house. She loves tearing up tissues and newspaper. She gives great "pet"icures (by liking my feet, which really does feel good). She is a great guard dog. :) ha haShe always greets you when you come home, but best of all Maggie loves Brandon (even when Brandon grabs her fur and wont let go), and Brandon loves her, he giggles every time he sees her, and he loves her kisses, all though I am not a big fan.So here's to you Maggie, thanks for making me laugh everyday. You are a great addition to our family!!!

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Lynda K said...

She's a smashing little pup !! Mine always loved the plastic Coke bottles as puppies-a similar thing to your Maggie's milk jug !!