Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Dad

It is my dads birthday today, and so I have been thinking about what a great dad he is and all of the wonderful memories that I have with him. Some of my favorite memories include "growing" to the office every Saturday to scrap aluminum, afterwords we would go to 7-11 and pick out a treat, to go with our hot dog lunch. Natalie and I loved to play at the office with old boxes, hand trolleys, wheel barrels, old bricks that we would turn into forts, and anythings else that we could find.

I remember going to Vernal (Dinosaur land) with Natalie and my dad, because my dad had a service call. Dad fixed our van so that we could ride in the back on a little platform (pre-seat belt laws) we had our blankets, pillows, dolls, books, and other paraphernalia back there. It was so fun!!

I remember going on lots of bike rides with my dad. One time we even rode our bikes through the drive through at Artic Circle. Even now my dad rides bikes with my 18 and 16 year old brothers, only they are much more adventurous and daring.

I love that my dad and I have always shared an interest in music. When I was little I would listen to him play the guitar while I went to sleep, or while Natalie and I danced. Then when I learned how to play the piano he would play the guitar with me and sing along. He would always have a new band, or CD to listen to with me. My dad has a great voice, and great taste in music!
I remember every time we went on a road trip (and we did them often) we would stop at many of the rest stops, not just to use the restroom, but to go on mini hikes, and look for animals. I gained my love for animals from my dad. He could catch any lizard, or grasshopper it was amazing!

I remember as kids anytime we saw dad coming home we would quickly hide, somehow he was always surprised when we jumped out to say hello.
I remember for a family home evening we were in the back yard, and dad was telling us the story about how Jesus changed the water into wine. My dad pulled one pitcher of water out of a paper bag, put it back in the bag, and then pulled out the same pitcher with grape juice in it. WOW!

My dad is a very patient man! I was a very difficult child! One year I managed to let my "temper monster" out to many times and I put many holes in the walls, garage door, and bedroom doors, he never yelled or scolded. Then one day, after he had recently fixed the bedroom door my temper monster came out again and I put another new hole in the door, well that finally did it. My dad kicked a bigger hole right through the door. I was shocked, and I learned my lesson. Of course I am laughing now as I write about it.

My dad is also a very generous man. He was always helping someone with a home project, family matter, or their computers. I remember many times going out to help him shovel the snow and we would end up shoveling many of the neighbors snow as well.

I remember getting into a water fight with my dad in the house, I hid in the laundry room filling up a bucket of water to throw on him, When I thought it was safe I came out quietly to find him, He got me first with a large pot of water from the kitchen. Clearly I lost the water fight. :)

My dad has a great sense of humor, he keeps us laughing. I love my dad, and I am convinced that he is the greatest dad in the whole world!
Thanks dad for being a great grandpa, father-in-law, and dad, I love you! So dad, I hope that you have a very Happy Birthday! You deserve it!!


Jason & Tawni said...

Happy Birthday Ron! That was such a sweet little tribute to your dad! I love the pictures, especially the one with your whole family. I can't believe how grown up Lindsay looks, I remember being her Sun Beam teacher in Primary! Wow, where has the time gone?

Jen said...

That is very sweet, Michelle. Your dad sounds great. I REALLY can't picture you as a difficult child, though!