Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Finally a new car

For months now we have been looking at getting a new car to replace our truck. We wanted something that would last for a long time and allow us to fit more children (when they arrive). So nearly every night Jared would come home with a car that he wanted to buy, and finally we found the one that suited our needs perfectly. We got a Honda Pilot! I was thrilled to finally have the quest over, and I love the Honda. It seats 8, has a 6 CD changer, DVD player, and a tape deck. It has a sun roof, seat warmers, and cruise control. It is rated well, it is safe, and it should last a long time. Best of all it is black, with tan leather interior, just like Jared wanted, and it is practical, and affordable like I wanted.

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Jen said...

LOVE IT! We, too, are proud Honda owners. We bought an Odyssey last fall. We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it. You will be so happy with it in your yucky winter driving!