Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

I have been thinking a lot about mother's, particularly those who have influenced my life. I thought I would tell you about them.

There of course is my own Mother, I hope I can be organized, faithful in the gospel, and cherish good books, like my mom. She is a great homemaker, and a great sounding board, and a wonderful friend!

Then there is Dee Ann , Jared's mom. I am so grateful to her for raising such a wonderful son! I hope that I can be patient in trails, like she is. I hope I can learn grace and poise from her, she is such a lady. I am very happy she is teaching me how to garden, my flower pots look beautiful!

Then there are my two wonderful grandmas. My Grandma Johnson is terrific! She is an amazing cook, and she has a great love for books, movies and music. I hope that I can gain her appreciation for good media, and I hope that through practice I can learn to cook like her. She is also very thrifty, her favorite store is the DI, I hope I will be thrifty.

My Grandma Osborn amazes me. She is 88 years old, and sometimes I think she is younger than me. She is still working in real estate, she can still drive (and it is not scary), and she still does her morning exercises. She has also endured many trails with patience and faith. I hope I can be active and faithful like she is. My Grandma Osborn is also an amazing piano player, I am thankful she encouraged me to learn and play, that is one attribute I feel like I have down (one down many to go).

I can not fail to mention my Grandmother's -in -law. I have had the privilege of knowing Grandma Bowman. She is so kind and thoughtful. We get letters in the mail from her on a regular basis, and it always makes you feel so special and loved. Grandma Bowman is very good about her personal histories, and she cherishes her ancestors. I hope I can learn to love my ancestors the way she does. I wish I knew Jared's other Grandma, Grandma Ward, she passed away many years ago, but what I have heard I have loved, and I am sure I would have learned a great deal from her.
Mother's are wonderful! This has been one of my favorite posts to write. I am so grateful to have a wonderful mother, two fantastic grandmothers, a great mother-in-law, and two terrific grandmother's-in-law. I am so happy to know that Brandon, and my other children will be able to know there grandma's and their great grandma's. They have left us with great examples and a great heritage. I hope I can be a great mother like they have been to me. Happy Mother's Day!! I love Mom, Dee Ann, Grandma Osborn, Grandma Johnson, and Grandma Bowman.

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Jen said...

That is so sweet and just explains why you are such a wonderful lady yourself. One day you will be that Grandma who has reared a brilliant posterity. I just know it! Your blog is so fun, keep it up, I love looking at it and knowing where you are and what you are up to!