Thursday, May 15, 2008


I had a great week with lost of fun things happening and then I lost my camera and could not show you all of the fun little occurrences, but I found my camera today while I was cleaning, (YEAH!) so here are all the random pictures.

How do you keep a baby happy, put him in front of a mirror and sing, You're So Vain. It works for Brandon every time! Dana invited me to go with her to take pictures of the kids in a field of flowers that is just a few blocks down the road from our house. It was a beautiful day even with all the wind. Brandon and McKell are great buddies! They smile and get excited every time they see each other, although McKell did not care for the wind in her face.
This is my favorite, and yes it is because it has me in it, not because I look wonderful but because I am never in the pictures, this makes two pictures of just me and Brandon, thanks Dana for letting me get out from behind the camera!
When Natalie and I were teaching together one of our students moms gave us these matching cowboy outfits, well Brandon and Chandler are finally big enough to fit into them. Nat and I had a lot of fun taking the pictures while our husbands felt that we were tormenting our kids, but I ask you, does this look like torment, I mean babies love to have their faces covered up with hats, right? :)
Jared's parents Wyn and DeeAnn have this huge motor home that they are traveling the country with. We have been blessed with a home that has a large (UGLY) side yard that the motor home fits perfectly in. We installed a large outlet so that the motor home can have electricity and now when they come they have a place to stay (our three bedroom home is just too tiny). We had a great time with their visit!
While DeeAnn was here she bought flowers for me to plant in pots to go in front of my house, then she showed me how to plant them so they would actually look nice. I love them, now we can only hope that my brown thumb wont kill them!My sister Natalie and I have two cousins (Jennifer and Carolyn, they are also sisters) who we grew up with. We are each just one year apart so the dynamics were great. Well a little over a year ago we each took our turn announcing that we were pregnant. This pictures shows the different stages of our pregnancies.(it is frightening our huge I was!) Moving right to left is me, (due in September) Natalie, (November) Jennifer, (February) and Carolyn (due with her second child in April). We were each two months apart. It was so exciting as we each found out that we were going to have boys, (except for Carolyn who already had her boy so she got lucky and had a girl). Now all the babies have been born so we took the opportunity to get a picture of all of them, It was tricky but we did it, and it looks cute!The children are left to right Jordan, Brandon, Chandler, Logan, and Cassandra.
I love this picture because it looks like Chandler is telling Brandon a really interesting secret. Brandon loves to put everything in his mouth, even his cousin Chandler. Pour Chandler!
Natalie and I think this picture looks like Brandon just made a stink and Chandler is disgusted.
Yes now I am finished, I hope you were able to endure this random post.


Kristen said...

I LOVE that you sang "your so vain" that is too awesome, I am going to have to try that one :) Very cute pictures Michelle! I adore the one of you and Brandon in the field, I definatly need to be in more pictures too. I loved looking at all your fun times!!

Jason & Tawni said...

Brandon is such a Bowman and Chandler is such an Osborn! When I look at them I can totally tell which parent they looks like. Brandon looks like he has lots of fun loving cousins to grow up with, I love the pregnancy stages picture. Good idea. Oh, and the flowers look amazing, thank goodness for the green thumbs in our lives who help us with such simple tasks as planting flowers. My mom has to seriously help me with every little step and then I just end up killing the poor things. Great update!