Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Well seven years ago on May 4th Jared and I got married! It was a wonderful day!! So how did we celebrate our anniversary you ask, well Jared has the flu, Brandon has a cold, and I am coming down with it myself, so we enjoyed a roast dinner with Jared's parents who were in town, and then we went to bed. So, Happy Anniversary Sweetie!!! I love you more and more every day!!! I hope you get better quickly, and we can celebrate a belated anniversary!

Here are some reasons why I love my husband

1. He has a strong testimony of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

2. He honors his priesthood.

3. He is goal oriented and a very hard worker.

4. He loves animals, and knows everything about them. We go to every zoo whenever we go on vacation.

5. He supports me teaching piano, staying home with Brandon, and with many of my wild ideas.

6. He is a great dad to Brandon, he can make Brandon laugh so easily.

7. He has a great sense of humor.

8. He is protective, safe, careful, and law abiding.

9. He is a good flirt, and a fun tease.

10. He makes me feel beautiful.

11. He is complimentary, of me and my talents. (or things I am not so talented at)

12. He is really smart, I am always amazed by everything he knows.

13. He is a good example.

14. He likes to have fun, and he is outgoing.

15. He is a great chef. He fixes dinners on a regular basis.

16. He takes great care of me especially when I am sick, and yucky!

17. He is very kind to his family, especially his mother.

18. He is patient through trials.

19. He is wise with his money, and he saves well.

20. He is supper handsome!! Tall, dark skin, dark thick hair, and beautiful long legs!

I am so lucky to have a great husband! I love you Jared!!

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Jen said...

Congrats you two lovebirds! Feel better soon, and definitely celebrate!