Monday, July 28, 2008


The other day I was looking through my first journal from when I was 8 years old. I always knew that I was a bad speller, but this just confirmed that. I thought it was so funny, I wanted to share.
The Hole 3ed graid
did a perogam abote
The Safety Kids
We tout a big lesen
to the kiseds and
perents it was one
of the best.
One more entry made me laugh but for different reasons. This one is from when I was 12 years old.
Well this week has been GREAT!
Thursday we went to the homeless shelter, two boys from our ward were there. (You always have a good time with mature BOYS!) Well at least I do. That's why I had such a good time. Then to day I saw the Collets (the BOYS) that was a good day! and then on Sat. I am having a study group party and John and the rest of the BOYS will be there. That will be fun. Sunday there is a ward party. There will be TONS of Boys there. that will be fun. Then Mon. is the family party that will be ok but no boys to like. Then Wed. is the school mixed chorus performance. The place will be crawling with BOYS and part of it I will be the center of attention (GREAT!) this week will be lots of fun!

I am so grateful for my parents and their encouragement to write in a journal, where else would I get these kind of treasures?


MikeyVP said...
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Mikey and Karie said...

That is so great! I totally forgot that you played the piano for choir in middle school, too. Weird to think that we didn't even know each other then. Yea for p.e. sophomore year . . . the start of a beautiful friendship! :)

P.S. The comment that was deleted just said the same thing, but I was logged into the wrong account, so I deleted it.

Jen said...

That is hilarious! That is such a treasure, and who would have known that you were so boy crazy???

Kristen said...

that is awesome. Its funny, my first journal was when I was 8 as well, I should dig that out. Those are fun to read, thanks for boy crazy girl!!

cryssal said...

I am pulling out my journal when I get home, too funny!