Friday, July 25, 2008

Pioneer Day

I am so happy to be living in Utah again so that we could celebrate Pioneer Day. Jared and I decided to celebrate by retracing our roots. We spent the morning sleeping in, watching the parade on TV and eating a yummy breakfast fixed by Jared.
Then we went to Jared's home town of Bountiful to the Handcart celebration. We met up with Justin and Alison and their son Jack. I tried really hard to convince everyone to get their face painted but they wouldn't :) so instead we took Brandon and Jack to ride the ponies. Brandon was a natural holding on to the saddle, I think he really enjoyed it, and I think he really liked Snoopy, his pony. Jared was happy that Brandon's first experience on a horse was with Pony Haven, the same company that Jared first rode on a horse with. He is also thrilled that Brandon is riding horses before he is walking. :)Then we let Brandon and Jack ride in a handcart - so cute.
We then ate all of the fun fair foods like; corn on the cob, BBQ sandwiches, nachos, snow cones, cotton candy, and elephant ears (large scones).

After Bountiful's festivities we did a little shopping went out to dinner, and then drove to my home town of Cottonwood Heights for the Buttlerville day celebration. It was so fun to surprise my family and old neighbors by showing up. We had fun looking at the classic cars, sandcastle competitions, (my bro. Scotties sandcastle was the best of course) new police cars, and fancy bounce houses. It was also fun to see two of my piano students and their family there. But my favorite part of the day was watching the fireworks and better yet watching Brandon as he watched the fireworks. His big eyes getting even bigger, his little hand trying to grab the fireworks, and his little sounds of amazement. It is true what they say that life is better with children!
We had a lot of fun returning to our home towns, however I am looking forward to next year when we "pioneer" our own traditions. I wonder what they will be?


Kristen said...

You were in Bountiful and you didnt call me? :) I bet you we were at handcart days at the same time..Moses rode that SAME pony :) Sounds like you had a wonderful the pictures! And Im just teasing about the calling... :)

Julie Osborn said...

I'm so glad your camera is back so we can see these cute pictures. Thanks for the fun suprise.

Jeremy and Heidi said...

It is true that life is better with children (different, but better). I also think holidays are way better with children. Glad you had a great, fun day!

Jason & Tawni said...

I love the picture of Brandon on the pony. How cute is he? I am also really glad that you found your camera. Ever since having a baby, it sure has become one of the most important items in my diaper bag!

j and k said...

That handcart picture is so cute! Looks like a blast!