Thursday, July 17, 2008

Long Vacation, But Not Long Enough

WARNING: Long Vacation, But Not Long Enough, makes for a long post! Consider yourself warned!

Our little family went to Island Park, Idaho (where Jared's family owns a cabin) for 10 days. We had a wonderful time! Unfortunately the only camera was our camera phone and I still can not figure out how to download the pictures, GRRR. There were however many highlights.

We spent the Fourth of July in West Yellowstone. We watched a darling small town parade, Brandon was wide eyed for the whole thing, but my favorite part was when a lady running with a torch (not sure why) came right to Brandon and let him hold it. I got a great picture (wish you could see it). Just as I thought Brandon's wide eyes could not get any bigger we went to watch the fireworks. He LOVED them. I was worried that he would be scared, but not at all.

The following Saturday Jared and I went four wheeling while Jared's parents watched Brandon for us. I love the smell of a forest on a hot summer day, the pine trees, wildflowers, and the sun baked dirt being kicked up from the four wheelers, yum! And I love going a speedy 25mph through trails with the wind in your hair. But mostly I love being able to visit the place where Jared proposed to me, it is beautiful and very romantic.

Sunday We drove to the top of Sawtell Mountain which provided us with a view of the entire area. The drive was a little scary because of the narrow, steep roads, and the switchbacks but it was well worth it. I was amazed at all the wildflowers, courtesy of a long winter. You can imagine the beautiful pictures that I wish I could show you.

Jared's parents watched Brandon again for us so that we could go horseback riding for five hours Monday morning, yes we were very sore for a very long time, but it was so fun I would do it again. It was undoubtedly the best ride I have ever done. We went through rivers, meadows (with more amazing flowers), forest where we were so close to the trees I still have a few scratches from them, and went up and down switchbacks to the top of another mountain with a great view. We saw a moose, red tailed hawk, deer, cranes, and many other birds and wildlife. I rode on a beautiful horse named Simon, and Jared rode on a mammoth of a horse named Goose. Goose had terrible gas, and I was fortunate enough to ride behind him. :)

Tuesday Jared went fishing and I stayed home to clean the room in the cabin dedicated to all the grand kids. I know, you are thinking "some trip, Jared gets to fish while Michelle gets to clean", but I have been wanting to clean the room for some time, and I really did enjoy myself (it is my little sickness). By the way, the room looks great, if I do say so myself. :)

Wednesday Jared went fishing again while I stayed at the cabin with Brandon. Jared was very successful catching roughly 2 dozen fish (with a fly rod I might add) Way to go Jared! I enjoyed going on walks with Brandon and Maggie, taking naps, and reading a cute book (Walk Too Moons) start to finish, it was such a restful day!

Thursday we all went back to West Yellowstone for some shopping and dinner.

Friday Jared went fishing again, and was successful again, and I stayed at the cabin again, so that I could go through my memory box, and pack for Idaho Falls. I had way too much fun looking through the memory box, which incidentally is at least a 75 gallon box, probably much more. It was better then opening a treasure box with gold inside! I found my first journal from when I was eight years old, it is hilarious!!! That night we drove to Idaho Falls, so that we could see the rest of the family.

Saturday we made the rounds to different family members and that evening we got together for a BBQ, we visited until the early morning hours and then slept in on Sunday and drove home the night.

I love vacations like this, little money is spent, lost of memories are made, and we were able to catch up on some much needed R and R.


j and k said...

SOunds like a blast...tons to do!

Robert said...

Vacation trip is a nice way to have memorable moments with your family.