Tuesday, December 8, 2009


A few weeks ago Brandon and I were planning on going to the aquarium with some friends. I was feeling really pleased with myself because it was only 9:30 in the morning and all ready I had done the dishes, washed the windows, done one load of laundry, made the beds, and picked up the little messes around the house. I sat Brandon in front of one of his favorite TV shows with every door in the house closed, and cupboards locked so that I could have a quick shower. Well 15 min. later when I come out of the shower Brandon greets me with very wet arms and a wet shirt, at first I thought nothing of it, and then I started to wonder how he could have possibly gotten so wet. With further investigation I found a dinning room chair pushed up to the kitchen sink, both stoppers in the drains, and the sink turned on high. The result was a flooded kitchen. I had about an inch of water on the floor of the kitchen and into the laundry room, my kitchen drawers were filled with water, and water was pouring out of the cupboards. Thankfully my dear friend who I was supposed to go to the aquarium came to my rescue with her shop vac. We had the whole thing cleaned up in about 45 min. What more I am so grateful that Brandon was safe and there was no damage to the kitchen. But why oh why do these things happen? From now on Brandon gets to be locked up in his high chair while I have my showers, hopefully this will keep him stationary for a while - at least until he figures out the buckles on his seat. :)
In addition to that mess he has also opened the fridge and dumped all the cheese on the coffee table, pulled the plants out of the fish tank (those poor fish!), stuck his hands down his messy diaper (I suppose it was an effort to prove to me he needed to be changed), and colored all over the walls and piano with pencil (thank goodness for magic eraser!).

I know every mom deals with these messes, and so far I have it good compared to my mom with both me and my sisters Lindsey. Lindsey is famous for peanut butter on the Christmas tree, finger nail polish on the piano, markers on the dressers, and oil on the couches, among many other messes.

So what are some of your BIG MESS stories? Please share, it will make me feel better about my own parenting skills. :)


Allison said...

That's a good one! I think Jack's best one was when he mushed up a whole box of peaches I had left on the counter. He was covered in them and so was my kitchen...but I think you have me beat for sure!

Alana said...

oh my! you have me beat! the worst mess was when riley managed to open a brand new thing of toilet paper and unrolled every roll! but his new thing now is when I am in the shower (its in our master bath) he likes to try and run by the door and "sneak" things in his arms that he knows he shouldnt have...tv remote, books, xmas presents he found!

Alicia said...

Oh my heavens, that is crazy!!! Both of my kids have managed to empty Nesquick all over our kitchen at some point in their lives.

the green's said...

My boys managed to get a fan and instant pudding mix. They had everything dusted, then proceeded to hide in the bathroom with chips. Boys are so much fun but can be so much trouble.

cryssal said...

Tage painted with poo on the bathroom wall, we called him poopcasso.