Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Cousin Chandler's Birthday Party

Chandler's birthday was a trucks and tractor birthday. Natalie was cute to have a dump truck full of brownies, doughnuts and worms instead of a cake - the boys LOVED it!For birthday activities we colored construction hats, and filled dump trucks with cheerios, for the most part the boys liked eating the cheerios, but the pictures were cute just the same.As you may already know I love card board, paint and paper for big project. For Chandler's birthday I found a large three part piece of card board. on two of the pieces I painted a large tractor for the kids to play in, on the third part I put these dump trucks up and underneath there were different things to feel - the next picture show better what I am talking about. I think the boys enjoyed it?They each looked so cute peeking out of the tractors window! This is Will.Here's the birthday boy Chandler!Here is Brandon.and Here is James.The boys loved having Grandma Julie read them their favorite pop-up truck book!But the highlight of the day was of course watching Chandler open his presents! His expressions are so fun!Brandon gave him a train to go with his new train tracks - from his expression I do not doubt that he enjoyed the gift. :) He is so fun to give presents to!This was a gift he received form Grandma and Grandpa Osborn the previous Sunday at the family party - this Fisher Price race track is probably one of the best toys ever made, Brandon loves his so much - we knew it would be a hit with Chandler - sure enough he loved it! If you have a boy this age that likes cars I strongly suggest it as a gift!!!
Happy Birthday Chandler - on a side note. Chandler broke his leg at the end of September, the poor kids was in a full body cast and could not walk for nearly six weeks. We were so thrilled when he got the cast off just in time for Halloween. It took a few weeks to relearn crawling and then walking but he got it. Then on his birthday he had to revisit the doctor because that morning he slipped on some standing water and hurt the same leg (different bone) again. They put him in a splint to wait and see if it was really broken enough to warrant a cast. Needless to say his birthday was not the greatest but he was a great sport! The following week he was allowed to take off the splint and now he is walking and doing just fine - YEAH!! I am so happy it was nothing to serious! HAPPY 2 YEARS CHANDLERS!!! Now no more broken bones!!! :)

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Megs said...

I can't believe that Chandler and Brandon are already two... it seems like just yesterday they were born!!! I hope you are feeling well and getting a little rest before the new little man enters your life!!