Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thanksgiving Sleepover

Each year Jared and I rotate who's family we will spend Thanksgiving with, that year we will spend Christmas with the other family. Well this year it was my families turn for Thanksgiving. We had originally planned on spending the weekend at my in-laws cabin, so when that did not happen we decided instead to have a big family sleep over at my parents house. Thanksgiving dinner was at Aunt Kris' house - she is so super talented at decorating and making dinner special I LOVE it!! I also really enjoy watching everyone working in the kitchen together to get the food ready - so fun!Brandon and Chandler did surprisingly well eating in their chairs on the floor. They shared and tray and probably all of their food - but they had a good time.Friday morning Jared braved Black Friday while the rest of us slept and then went on a walk to the church to play. That night we went to dinner and then rode on tracks. The only reason for that many people to ride tracks was so that Brandon and Chandler could ride the train. They both really enjoyed it - but it was very crowded and a bit chaotic!We rode tracks to the Temple Square lights. I love the way the lights and nativities are displayed every year, so Beautiful! Even Brandon enjoyed being wrapped in his stroller and blanket to see them! On Saturday we enjoyed playing board games, and watching the Utah/BYU game - it was a house divided Jared and I walked away feeling pretty sad about the outcome of the game but everyone else seemed to be very happy. :) Then we decorated the tree. I love seeing all of the sentimental ornaments come out. I look forward to some day having a tree filled with special ornaments from children and friends like my mom has. My mom even had special ornaments just for Brandon and Chandler to decorate with. They sure had fun! All in all it was a very fun weekend!


Alicia said...

We went to look at the lights on Friday night too, that would have been SO fun to run into you!!!

P. Ionescu said...

what nice children!