Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grandpa Bowman turns 100!!

Jared's Grandpa Bowman turned 100 on the 12th of this month. What an amazing milestone and accomplishment!
This is part of what was printed in the local newspaper:
"Charles Taggart Bowman will celebrate his 100th birthday Saturday, Dec. 12, 2009. Chuck was born Dec. 12, 1909, in a humble home in South Weber, Utah.. His mother Amanda Taggart and her husband, William James Bowman had 10 children. Finances were always a problem, but the family pulled together and worked hard at many different jobs. tow winters were spent in two cabin tents and food was often obtained by hunting and fishing. Chuck worked as a farm laborer, milk collection driver, apprentice cheese maker and semi truck driver. When he "retired," he went to work for BMC West as a custodian and fix-it man, where he earned the Employee of the Year award. He has been an active member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has seen this church grow from 377.279 members and four temples to a world wide membership of more that 14 million and 130 temples. He lives with his wife of 67 years, Rodonna Bringhurst Bowman. He has three children, Maureen, Garde and Wyn. He also has 19 grandchildren. 44 great-grandchildren and 39 great-great-grandchildren."
It is so amazing to me everything Grandpa Bowman has lived through and seen. To think about all that has happened in the 100 years he has been alive. Makes me wonder if I ever live to be that age, or even close to it, what will I witness in my life? What amazing advances in medicine, technology, church, and government will I see?
We celebrated his birthday by having an open house with all his family and friends in attendance. People traveled from California, Utah, and Wyoming to Idaho for the big day. This is Grandpa with his wife and three children.This is Grandpa opening up an album of letters and pictures from all of his children and grandchildren - it was so fun to look at this book and see all of Jared's cousins and family that I had never met. We sure love Grandpa Bowman and the influence for good he has had in our lives. I am so happy that Brandon has been able to know this great man. I am also so happy that Brandon shares Grandpa's name. He, Grandpa Bowman, Grandpa Wyn, and Jared all share the name of Charles. I think that is pretty special! This is the four generations of Charles Bowman's Aren't they handsome! :)I love this picture of Grandpa and Brandon. When Brandon was younger Grandpa would take him for rides in his motor chair, it would make Brandon so happy. :)
Happy Birthday Grandpa Bowman!!!

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Julia said...

that is just amazing michelle. four generations just like that!