Thursday, June 10, 2010

Farwell to the Cabin

We spent Memorial Day Weekend packing up our belongings and saying goodbye to our family cabin. I will miss this place terribly, but it was time for us all to move on. I am however very grateful for all of the wonderful memories from the cabin. This is after all where Jared proposed to me nearly 10 years ago. We have enjoyed four-wheeling, snow-mobiling, fishing, hiking, SLEEPING (my favorite thing to do there - its like a drug at the cabin:))and spending quality time with the family. I will miss this room LOTS! Brandon, Grant, Cooper, and Lexi were all great sports about us being so busy with packing, in fact I think they had a great time riding in the Jeep, going on walks, playing on the swing set, and playing in the kids room.I am happy that Jared was able to get in one more day of fishing and I was able to enjoy the peace and read one more book. I am also so happy that while the cabin is gone. The place where we got engaged will never be developed so we can still visit ofter, and the fishing and camping will still always be there for us to enjoy, I hope we still make the occasional trip to Island Park and West Yellowstone - it is a magical place!


Alicia said...

Sad! Are they tearing it down or something?

Michelle said...

They are selling it.

Allison said...

That is sad...I didn't realize that's where Jared proposed. Looks like some great bring on Shamu, right?!?