Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mission Impossible

Your mission should you choose to accept: Rescue the baby bird that you watched the wind blow out of the tree onto the ground.

Each year a pair of robins builds their nest in the tree in between Brandon and Grants windows. I love hearing them chirp in the early morning hours while I am feeding Grant and throughout the day while I am taking care of the boys. Well last night I had the blinds open while I was rocking Grant to sleep and I saw the baby bird blown out of the tree from the wind, then I watched as the helpless mother nudged her baby under the daisy bush for protection and then flew away. Of course I had to help it, so I recruited Jared (an eagle scout who knows how to handle these sort of things :)) to help. He was great to make sure the baby bird was safe and that he did not leave his scent on the bird so the mother would not reject it. Well the mission was a success, this morning I heard the baby bird chirping from its nest and saw the mother feeding it a worm, YEAH! I am so grateful for my hero Jared - helping and not thinking I am crazy. :)

The bird is the darker blob in the dirt - it really was so cute!

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