Thursday, June 17, 2010

Fun Friends

Last weekend was so much fun!!! I was able to spend Friday night with a bunch of girls from my neighborhood eating yummy treats, enjoying great conversations, and best of all playing a very amusing dance game on the wii. I love these fun girls and I really hope we get together more often!.
Then on Saturday I had my ten year reunion, I opted out of the dinner but enjoyed the park outing with the families. It was so fun to see so many friends from high school and to see their families and how we have all grown up. This is another group that I wish I got together with more often.
I would be so happy if every weekend was spent enjoying the company of one group of friends or another. Friends are so important! I am so grateful that I have been blessed to have great friends in every stage of my life!!

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AndersenFamily said...

It was great seeing you. Please can we all get together again soon. We have such great memories!