Thursday, March 10, 2011

Camp Out (In) With Daddy

In addition to the dinosaur museum for Presidents Day Jared had the wild idea to have an indoor camp out with Brandon. They set up Brandon's toy tent and the kitchen table with blankets laid out bedding and spent the night in the living room facing the fire (which was never turned on :)) When I went to bed around midnight I could still hear them talking ;) I don't think they got a lot of sleep :) but they sure had a great time. Brandon thought it was awesome. A few days latter I was reading him a book called "I Love You Daddy" part of the book was about a dad who takes his kids on camp outs. Brandon saw the picture of the tent outside and said - "that's weird - you don't camp out side silly" - hmm? Father's and Son's will be interesting this year. :)

I love this picture of them peeking through their little windows and chatting with each other. :)

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