Thursday, March 10, 2011

Cookie Cutters

We were told about this fun hair cutting place for children where the kids get to ride on a vehicle while they get their hair cut, watch their own movie, and then get a balloon, cookie cutter, and sucker when they are done - and while they wait they get to play on a slide. Well it sounded like the perfect idea - because I hate the battle that ensues when I try to cut Brandon's hair and I had not yet cut Grants hair - so off we went. Overall I think we had a great time and the boys would probably like to go back - but they still fussed - they just do not like getting their hair cut! But I was sure happy to not have to do it and to have them actually look good when the battle was over. I am also mad at myself for forgetting to keep a few clippings of Grants hair for his baby book :( Oh Well. The jury is still out about whether we will go again, but the pictures are still lots of fun. :)

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