Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Joys of Cardboard

Our bedroom furniture came in many very large boxes with lots of very sturdy packaging - so for five days we were swimming in cardboard - it was everywhere - but we had a great time. We made forts and played in them, built towers just to knock them down again, and after saving toilet paper rolls we made a ping pong ball maze on the cardboard - (that was Grants favorite - he would put the ping pong balls in the toilet paper rolls and watch then come out over and over again:)). When I hosted preschool you should have seen the kids entertain themselves I was tempted to not even bother with the curriculum because they were having so much fun. Loved playing with the cardboard, but I was grateful my neighbor wanted it for her kids - I couldn't just throw out all the great cardboard - but I couldn't have it in my house any longer either - I am sure her kids had a great time with it as well. :) LOVE CARDBOARD :)


Natalie Osborn said...

I'm so jealous we missed out on the cardboard fun! I love stuff like that.

Aspen said...

Isn't it so funny how cardboard is just the funnest toy in the world? Makes you wonder why we ever buy toys right? I just love how kids imaginations go crazy with the brown stuff. Looks like you had a TON. Glad they enjoyed it.