Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Bedroom Furniture

Jared got his new TV and I got new bedroom furniture - we share :) I love this new bedroom furniture - we have been wanting to replace the hand me down furniture from our childhood and after nearly ten years of marriage we finally have a beautiful set - guess where we got it?
Costco :) We had to rent a Home Depot truck to get it all home - then we stayed up until 3:30 setting up our new room. The next day when Brandon woke up and came into our room he kept commenting on how great our new room was - after Jared showed him each new piece he started running around in circles saying "It's Tantastic!" (Fantastic :)). I Agree! :)Two new nightstands, a new head board new bedding new pillows, a new dresser and a new book case. :) YEAH!


Rebecca said...

Verrrrry nice! The cardboard kingdom looks so fun! : )

Jen said...

Very pretty! You deserve it!!!