Monday, April 11, 2011

The San Diego Zoo

We went on vacation to visit Jared's parents and family during March. Every time we go we have to visit the zoo! In fact we enjoy going to the zoo so much we finally got a zoo membership - courtesy of Wyn and Dee Ann - thanks you guys!!! This particular trip started out very rainy - we were worried the day would be a bust - but the sun came out and we were able to enjoy a lot of active animals - it was an exhausting day but so much fun!

Jared playing with the King Cobra - so cool!This is Sunny the Komodo Dragon - did you know that their saliva is so toxic and full of bacteria it will kill you - Yikes! Brandon loved that Sunny came to say hi and got up to walk around - it was like a good omen for the day - it had been raining before we saw her and then after playing with Sunny we enjoyed cold but sunny weather :) Thanks Sunny!I do not like Hippos - I think they are disgusting - for example did you know that when they poo they flick it all over with their tail - gross!! But Brandon thinks they are awesome!! This one sure did put on a show for us - eating, showing off its tusks, pooping - yuck!, and swimming - Brandon was thrilled!The Okapi is one of Jared's favorites - they are so cool looking - and related to one of my favorites - the giraffe.Dee Ann and I also really enjoy looking at all the amazing plant life in the zoo - so pretty!The polar bears were active - eating, scratching, and walking all over - that rarely happens.The jaguar took a special interest in Grant - Grant was fascinated by the jaguar - it was so fun to see it so close!Love all the giant animals that you can play on!

We loved watching the elephants walk all over, eat, and drink from the pool - but our favorite part was watching Grant continue with his attempts at walking. For weeks he had been showing signs of walking but it took being stuck in a car seat for 10 plus hours to get him moving. When we went to Dave and Jill's for dinner the first night in California he started walking all over - he is doing really well now - walking everywhere - it is so fun - and crazy!The camel and the prong horn appeared to be fighting with each other, butting their heads together - weird!As we were leaving the zoo we saw at least four different peacocks show off their feathers - they are so beautiful!

I think one of my favorite memories from that day was near the end of the day, Brandon was tired of being in the stroller so he ran ahead while I pushed Grant in the stroller and we chased Brandon down - Grant and Brandon were both full of the honest belly chuckles that make me laugh and make me so grateful to have fun children who like being with each other. It was a great day - perhaps my favorite day of the trip! More vacation pictures to come - lucky you ;)

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Julie said...

Yes we are lucky to see these fun pictures of your trip and my darling grandsons! Keep the pictures coming!