Monday, April 11, 2011

St. Patricks Day

I LOVE celebrating St. Patrick's Day with little children - I know you're thinking what could you possibly do with kids on a drinking holiday - well - We begin our morning eating Lucky Charms, then Natalie, Chandler and my mom came up for a visit. We were eating our green pasta for lunch when Grandma Julie noticed a leprechauns hat poking up over our fence, Brandon and Chandler naturally had to get their ropes and run to chase it. After a good 10-20 minutes of chasing the laughing leprechaun I went inside to find that my house had been turned upside down and there were little green foot prints all over the walls, furniture, and floor. I yelled for the boys to come in and see. We figured the leprechaun must have been inside the house looking for the perfect place to hide his gold treasure so we quickly began hunting and soon found the gold behind the fireplace. The gold was delicious!!! After all the excitement we snuggled on the couch to watch "Finnians Rainbow" with Fred Astaire - love that movie and the music! It was a super fun way to celebrate the holiday. I think Brandon believes in the leprechaun more then Santa. :)

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