Monday, April 11, 2011

Sea World

I am thinking that Brandon is really spoiled to have visited Sea World twice in a year and he is only three - very lucky boy! We had a great time in Sea World. I always get giddy when we go here - as the boys were loaded up into the stroller and we set off they both started giggling as well - I think it was the memory of our running around at the zoo that did it. It made me happy to see Grant pumping his arms up and down in excitement! We visited the polar plunge first. As if seeing an active polar bear at the zoo wasn't enough we were also able to see three polar bears roaming around their enclosure. One of the polar bears also jumped in the water and attempted to catch the fish swimming around - that was super cool! Grant's favorite was the Beluga whale they are so fun to watch!

We always enjoy the sharks - Jared has transferred his crazy interest in sharks to Brandon - I am waiting for the day when I find out they both went shark diving - it would be a dream come true for Jared. :) Last time we were at Sea World we had a great time feeding the dolphins and rays - but that was not an option this time but that did not stop us from having lots of fun interacting with the seals and sea lions. Brandon loved feeding them fish - Grant was terrified of how load they bark and how close they get.We took a break from all the animals and played in the Sesame Street play ground. Brandon loved Elmo's flying fish ride with dad!He thought he would love Oscars garbage ride - but neither of us enjoyed that one much :)We didn't have time for all the shows we would have liked to watch - but we were still lucky enough to see the dolphins do a few tricks :) I love dolphins!I love that kids are friends with all other children no matter where they are or who they are. Brandon and his friend had a great time running all over the aquarium looking at the large fish and sea turtles. So cute - wouldn't it be great if we could all be this kind and friendly - I wish I was!We waited for a little less then an hour to get the best seats in the house for the Shamu show. Jared found great seats in the very center and just close enough to get a little wet but not drenched. We thought this would make it more fun for Brandon because whales are his big thing right now - we are getting quite a collection!. We we began the Shamu chant - which Brandon will still do from time to time, and then Shamu splashed us. Grant and Brandon both cried - Grant got over it real quick but Brandon was furious that Shamu got his pants wet, maybe that has somethings to do with all of his hard work in potty training?Despite getting wet I think Brandon loved Sea World - and he certainly does still love whales - he know a LOT about them!

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