Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wild Animal Park

Our zoo membership includes the Wild Animal Park - we had a good time! Brandon was so happy to ride a cheetah - one of his favorite animals. Grant did not enjoy riding the carousel at all - oh well maybe next time :)If you are not a die hard animal lover like we are you might not enjoy this park - the enclosures were massive which meant you did a lot of walking for only a few animals. I was so impressed with the huge elephant enclosure, there must have been 20 plus elephants in there and I counted at least 7 baby elephants, they were spread out all over it was amazing to see!The petting zoo with various deer was so cool - Grant loved that he could try out walking once again and Brandon loved feeding the deer.Feeding the lorikeets is always fun - they are so noisy!The train/bus ride around a large part of the park was very neat. We enjoyed these animals looking and acting a little more natural. There were so many rhinos and they were in the same space as the giraffes. This baby rhino was very cute!Favorite part of the park was the large animal play ground. There were rhinos, lions, jeeps, and other things to climb on and in as well as a large play tower with slide, and trees to play on, and the view of the park and the real animals from the play ground made it that much better. The boys loved it!

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