Thursday, March 10, 2011

Trains with Grandpa Ron

Grandpa Ron called up last Friday night to invite us to the train expo in Ogden - it was GREAT! Grandpa Ron, Grandma Julie, Lindsey, Natalie, Chandler, Brandon, Grant and I (Jared was judging a mock trial ;) ) all rode the Front Runner up there, which in and of itself was lots of fun - it's double decker ;) Then we had lots of fun watching LOTS of model trains on amazing tracks of all sizes, looked at amazing Lego trains and Lego cities, operated our own Train, rode on a large train representing the Jupiter train (one of the trains at Promontory Point) and riding on a super cute and fun little train that went on a track, but my favorite part and probably every one else's favorite part was the train playground which consisted of 5-10 retired train engines, cars and cabooses which you could climb on and in. We had so much fun finding photo ops and exploring the trains - I never appreciated just how huge they really are - it was actually pretty frightening being up on the top, and I don't get scared easily with heights. We also enjoyed a yummy Subway lunch and then the trip home on Front Runner. It was a GREAT day - I was so grateful Dad invited us to go. I know my boys had a great time. The only thing that could have made the day better would have been if Jared, Scott, Taylor and Kevin could have joined us. We had so much fun and took so many photo's that I only put a few here - the rest are on the slide show - enjoy ;)

The Joys of Cardboard

Our bedroom furniture came in many very large boxes with lots of very sturdy packaging - so for five days we were swimming in cardboard - it was everywhere - but we had a great time. We made forts and played in them, built towers just to knock them down again, and after saving toilet paper rolls we made a ping pong ball maze on the cardboard - (that was Grants favorite - he would put the ping pong balls in the toilet paper rolls and watch then come out over and over again:)). When I hosted preschool you should have seen the kids entertain themselves I was tempted to not even bother with the curriculum because they were having so much fun. Loved playing with the cardboard, but I was grateful my neighbor wanted it for her kids - I couldn't just throw out all the great cardboard - but I couldn't have it in my house any longer either - I am sure her kids had a great time with it as well. :) LOVE CARDBOARD :)

New Bedroom Furniture

Jared got his new TV and I got new bedroom furniture - we share :) I love this new bedroom furniture - we have been wanting to replace the hand me down furniture from our childhood and after nearly ten years of marriage we finally have a beautiful set - guess where we got it?
Costco :) We had to rent a Home Depot truck to get it all home - then we stayed up until 3:30 setting up our new room. The next day when Brandon woke up and came into our room he kept commenting on how great our new room was - after Jared showed him each new piece he started running around in circles saying "It's Tantastic!" (Fantastic :)). I Agree! :)Two new nightstands, a new head board new bedding new pillows, a new dresser and a new book case. :) YEAH!

Camp Out (In) With Daddy

In addition to the dinosaur museum for Presidents Day Jared had the wild idea to have an indoor camp out with Brandon. They set up Brandon's toy tent and the kitchen table with blankets laid out bedding and spent the night in the living room facing the fire (which was never turned on :)) When I went to bed around midnight I could still hear them talking ;) I don't think they got a lot of sleep :) but they sure had a great time. Brandon thought it was awesome. A few days latter I was reading him a book called "I Love You Daddy" part of the book was about a dad who takes his kids on camp outs. Brandon saw the picture of the tent outside and said - "that's weird - you don't camp out side silly" - hmm? Father's and Son's will be interesting this year. :)

I love this picture of them peeking through their little windows and chatting with each other. :)


For the President's Day Weekend Jared took us to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point - we had so much fun! Brandon loved looking at the dinosaur bones and Jared was a great teacher - explaining what everything was. We all had a great time playing in the water and sand with the dinosaurs and trees - we could have spent all our time there. Brandon is really into sharks right now so he was all smiles when he saw the megalodon compared with the Great White. Grant even had fun playing with the toy dinosaurs and crawling around the baby triceratops. We love dinosaurs - this was such a fun outing. After treating the boys to a fun activity we dragged them all over Provo and Orem while we did errands. Jared finally got new glasses (it's been six years) and we finally purchased a new TV - YEAH! Jared and Brandon think it is wonderful - I just think it is a bigger and flatter TV that takes away decorating space on the entertainment center - but a big picture is still lots of fun :)

Cookie Cutters

We were told about this fun hair cutting place for children where the kids get to ride on a vehicle while they get their hair cut, watch their own movie, and then get a balloon, cookie cutter, and sucker when they are done - and while they wait they get to play on a slide. Well it sounded like the perfect idea - because I hate the battle that ensues when I try to cut Brandon's hair and I had not yet cut Grants hair - so off we went. Overall I think we had a great time and the boys would probably like to go back - but they still fussed - they just do not like getting their hair cut! But I was sure happy to not have to do it and to have them actually look good when the battle was over. I am also mad at myself for forgetting to keep a few clippings of Grants hair for his baby book :( Oh Well. The jury is still out about whether we will go again, but the pictures are still lots of fun. :)