Monday, July 8, 2013

A great year at preschool!!

Brandon had a GREAT year for his third and last year of preschool.  His teacher Ms. Karen was terrific!!  We both loved her.  She had a darling program and graduation at the end of the year, and then gave us a slide show that she had made as well as a CD with all the pictures she had taken through out the year.  It was so fun to look through all the pictures and have Brandon tell stories about each one.  I am tremendously grateful for the wonderful year it was for Brandon, I only wish that Ms. Karen would be able to teach him for the next 3-6 years, she is just that awesome!

 Brandon's favorite friends were the girls, because they liked to play house, and he liked to be the pet - you know it is all about animals for him. :)
 Their last field trip was to the duck pond and state park visitors center.  They had a great time!
 How cute is his class!

 So many fun and darling art projects, it was very hard for me to choose which ones were worth keeping.

 The gingerbread man is a funny story. :)  During Christmas they learned the story of the gingerbread man and then decorated their own cookies.  I came to pick him up and Brandon was thrilled to show off his cookie, the first thing he wanted to point out to me was the chocolate chip positioned perfectly; and he announced very loudly that it was the penis.  Ms Karen busted up laughing and I turned beet red. :)  A few weeks latter we were at a Stake meeting where I met with her and her husband, when she introduced me as Brandon's mom he cracked up laughing as well; apparently Brandon is a favorite topic at their dinner table because of the many amusing things he says.
 The fire station was such a great field trip!!

 Meeting Santa was of course a great day, that Brandon talked about for days afterwards.
 Pretty sure Santa was Ms. Karen's husband. :)

 Teddy bear day was so fun, I came to pick up Brandon and all the kids were hiding in a large cave with their bears. :)

 Brandon's best friend Rachel!
 Ms Karen's dog Mia.

 Pudding painting, doesn't get better than that. :)

So grateful for the great year Brandon was able to have and for all that he learned.  He is reading so well, and we are thrilled, but best of all he learned to obey and respect another adult. :)

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