Saturday, July 20, 2013

Brag Tags - Fishing and Golfing

Heber has come up with a great summer program "Unplugged" is what they are calling it.  The goal is to get children away from the tv and out and about doing various activities around the town.  There are 101 different things they can do that will earn each child a brag tag which they stick on a lanyard and they can turn them into a drawing for cash prizes.  Brandon and Grant could care less about the cash prizes, so we are just doing it for fun, but the boys love getting their tags and showing them off to others.  The car show from the previous post earned them a tag and then the following Saturday we took the boys fishing, which they always enjoy, although it was a bit disappointing when we only got one fish.   

 Then we went golfing a first for us.  The lanyard got each of the boys a free bucket of balls at the driving range.  It was a great first experience for both of the boys.  Grant got his own set of golf clubs from a garage sale that the YW put on as a fundraiser in May; he was very cute and drew a lot of attention walking into the golf club with his little bag. :)
 Is Grant adorable or what? :)
 At the end of the day we asked the boys what they like the best about the day.  We were so sure that Grant would say golfing and Brandon would say fishing, but it was the other way around; Brandon loved it, even though he wasn't at all interested in going in the first place. ;)

 I think Jared was positively in heaven!  Golfing and Fishing with his boys all in one day. :)

It was a beautiful and very fun day. :)

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Allison said...

Such a fun day! Love the pic of Grant and his golf clubs.