Monday, July 8, 2013

Other May Highlights

We had a great family trip to the zoo, the new Lego animals were pretty fun to look at, the bird show was awesome as usual, Wyn and Dee Ann were great company, and the carousel was a hit again. :)

 I had a great birthday this year.  a handful of my Young Women decorated my door with cute notes, balloons and silly string, our playgroup put together an impromptu put luck lunch to surprise me.  Jared also took great care of me, by fixing me the exact dinner that I wanted at home, with the cake that I wanted!  It was a good day!
 For Memorial day we got together with some neighbors at the local park to play kick soccer and have dinner.  It was a fun low key day!

 A pair of swallows decided to make our front porch light their new home.  It is both fun and annoying.  They have made a terrible mess of our front porch but they are so fun for the boys to observe.  Their chicks are here and they are also so fun. :)

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