Monday, October 21, 2013

Fall is for Exploring the Provo River, Over and Over Again

I LOVE WHERE I LIVE!!!!!  Utah at this time of the year is beautiful, and being in Heber, so close to so many beautiful places makes it even better.  I am also so very grateful for good friends who make it so easy and so fun to get out.  So far we have only been on three walks, but with a little luck we will go on many more.  Now be prepared for a picture overload, but how could I choose my favorites when there are so many beautiful, darling pictures?
 Love these four boys, Brandon, Jason, Grant and Tyler - best buddies!!

 Could Grant and Brandon be any more adorable, nope I didn't think so - Love these smiles!!

 I love that my boys get to be boys; sticks, water, rocks, and dirt, and they could be entertained for hours. :)

 The next walk included a few more boys and only two girls. :)  Could they have any more fun?

 Yeah for good friends!!
 OK, this pictures completely cracks me up.  Brandon really loves Rachel, and her mom told me that while they were reading in the Book of Mormon the word divorcement came up and the kids were wondering what the word divorcement meant, the discussion moved on to divorce and how when you get a divorce often your last name changes.  So Rachel piped in and said, well when I get older, my last name is going to be Bowman. :)  So the feelings are mutual.  This picture looks just like an engagement picture, except that they are both six and they are both missing their front two teeth. :)  too funny!

 I love boys, so excited to have three of them soon. :)

 Rachel found a caterpillar, so we took it home made a cozy place in a jar for it to live and she got to take it back to her house after our play date. :)


Allison said...

Brandon and his girlfriend are cute! Ha ha!

Sharece said...

Oh how I love these river walks! Thank you for showing them to me. :) Michelle, you have quite the eye for photography!!! You have a ton of STUNNING pictures here!