Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Wasatch State Park Fishing

For fall break Jared took Friday off and we were able to spend the day enjoying the weather and fishing.  I love the Wasatch State Park for fishing with little boys.  They stoke the pond, so it is relatively easy to catch fish, but best of all it is a beautiful place to spend time, and watch your boys fish, so I can enjoy myself as well. :)

 I love that this place allows my boys to be boys, boys who enjoy playing with rocks, sticks, mud, bugs, weeds, etc. not video games, tv, toys, or computer games.

 The following week we decided to go fishing again, but this time we brought, Tim, McKell and Bella, Brosnahan as well as our two dogs, Pete and Annabelle.  It was a lot of fun having extra friends with us. :)  I think for the most part the dogs had fun too, although I don't think they were very happy when I put them in the water, or when Bella for some reason bit Annabelle.

 It was fun to see Jared and Tim, two good friends fishing together with their dogs. :)
 When Jared and Tim were fishing I took the boys and McKell for a little exploring.  They were pretending to be animals camouflaged in the weeds, McKell did a really good job at it. :)  Can you find her. :)

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Sharece said...

Ooh! So fun, and so pretty!! Next summer I will have to tag along one of the times you go so that your boys can teach us how to fish there. The only time we went we got skunked. (Although maybe it was a blessing in disguise since we were fishing without Bryce there and I would be in charge of the slimy thing...) But Jas sure was disappointed. Looks like you guys had a great time! I love moments like that!!!