Sunday, October 20, 2013

More September Fun

It was one of those days when my boys were playing so well with each other, getting along, sharing, not making too many big messes, and then it got extra quiet and I wondered where they were and what they were doing, or getting into.  Turns out they were not "into" anything, no they were "on top" on the car, looking out at the world with the binoculars.  I know I should have been super mad about them playing in the garage, in the car, and on top of the car, those are all big no-no's but it was just so cute to see them spying on the world like that.  :)

 One of the first play dates with Rachel, who, like Brandon, also has a three year old brother, named Jared.  It is part of what makes their play dates so fun, all four of them get to be together.
 And yet another play date with Rachel and Jared, this time at our house.
 On Labor Day Weekend Wyn and Dee Ann drove their motor home for one last visit before they turned it over to be sold.  :(  I admit was not the biggest fan of the motor home in my yard, but I will greatly miss the fun memories that my boys made while having sleep overs in the motor home.  They were always so thrilled when Grandma and Grandpa and the motor home came to visit, and I can't blame them, it was super cool and lots of fun, made even more fun by great grandparents!  We will miss the motor home!
 While Wyn and Dee Ann were in town we decided for the first time to visit the sheep dog championship held in Midway.  I am glad we went.  It was fascinating to watch the sheep dogs heard the sheep, even if we only watched two.  It was also so fun to watch the Splash Dogs in action, in fact I think that was the highlight of our outing!
 The petting zoo was also a hit for my animal loving boy.
 And the milking station, and bean bag toss were so fun for both of my boys.

While we did have a lot of fun, it was very hot, and we got tired and weary quickly, not sure if this will be a tradition, but I am glad we went and know we now what it is all about.  :)

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