Thursday, June 19, 2008


Now I know that it is Thursday and Father's Day was on Sunday but I did not want to miss the opportunity of telling Jared how much I love him and how impressed I am with him as a father. Jared adores Brandon and is great to take him even when Brandon is sick and grumpy (which he has been this week).

The proclamation to the world on the family says that "By divine design, fathers are.....responsible to provide the necessities of life and protection for their families." Jared really does take this to heart, even if protecting his son and family means buying a $100 sensory monitor, (which I complain too much about even though I really do kinda like it) driving back home to make sure the garage door is closed, and checking every door and window to make sure they are locked tight at night.

When I told Jared how difficult it is to keep Brandon out of trouble now that he is crawling, and to keep him from getting hurt now that he likes to climb on everything, Jared took the initiative to find a solution to my problem. He found a walker on line that everyone raved about and bought it for Brandon, unfortunately it was not all we hoped it to be so we returned it, but I appreciated Jared's thought and concern for Brandon and me. I am so grateful Jared works hard so that I can stay home with Brandon, and enjoy all the comforts he provides.

Jared you have been a great dad and husband from the very start!! xoxo

I must also tell my father how much I love him and how grateful I am to have him as a dad. Should any of you wonder how terrific my dad is see the post in April titled Happy Birthday Dad! I love you dad, thanks for everything!!! I am also so luck to have a great father-in-law. Happy Father's day Wyn! Thanks for always providing us with so many luxuries and for valuing all of my ideas and opinions.

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j and k said...

SUch a good man!